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The Big Green Egg: Why So Many Finally Chose to Get a New Big Green Egg

More than likely you have heard about “The Big Green Egg”-- its popularity is currently off the charts! 

As more people realize that they can prepare restaurant quality, sizzling meats, and meals in their own backyard kitchens, the Big Green Egg (BGE) has become the grill of choice. The BGE  produces foods with amazing flavors and unlike any other BBQ, it is extremely versatile and can be used as a grill, smoker, or oven.

We've had fabulous results from grilling hot dogs, brats, burgers, wings–just about anything we have in the refrigerator! We have also smoked a Jack Daniel's pork loin, California style tri-tip roast, and a honey basted turkey breast.

At the “Rockwall Rib Run”, We even baked off a batch of mom's famous Ice Box Oatmeal Cookies on our Big Green Egg!
If we had to choose “ONE GRILL” the Green Egg would win–mainly because of 3 things:

Flavor -

  • Hands down meats, breads, fruits, and anything else you’re going to throw on it is going to taste better!
  • Why? Well there are a couple of reasons: the Green Egg is ceramic so you have amazing temperature control while the ceramic traps the moisture in your meat. Cooking meat over a real fire at an even temperature is the prime combination for moist meats with amazing flavor.

Versatility -

  • You can sear & grill a steak at 600 degrees, long smoke a brisket at 200 degrees or bake off Ice Box Oatmeal Cookies at 350–all on the Green Egg. It’s a grill, smoker, and an oven all in one and hey–it looks cool too! 

Cooking Skill or Lack of -

  • Most of us have regular jobs and don’t have a bunch of extra time to spend refining our “outdoor barbequing ” skills. One of the first things I noticed is that the food that came off my Green Egg looked and tasted like a personal chef made it. All I had to do was get the grill to temp, season the food, put it on the grill, set my timer and BAM!  it was done! Yeah you’ll have to flip your burger and turn your steaks as usual, there's no way around that. But it was so simple–I literally followed the exact cooking times in the book for how long to cook each specific thing and the times were totally accurate–each item came out great!

Now that you know you need your own Big Green Egg, you'll be excited to know that Pool Stop is Rockwall's biggest authorized Big Green Egg dealer! We sell all sizes of BGEs and also have an extensive line of the official BGE accessories-from BGE covers to spatulas to charcoal, we have it all! Come check out our showroom and pick up your first BGE or accessorize yours if you already have one!

Every Friday at Pool Stop we cook up and sample out fresh, appetizing recipes on our Big Green Egg-recipes that you too can make at home on your own BGE. If you're around on Friday be sure to come by and taste something delicious that our very own "Pool Stop Green Egg Expert" has cooked up. See you there!

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