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3 Popular Pool Shapes to Choose From

October 10, 2022
pool installed in kidney shape with waterfalls

In a world where everyone’s tastes are different, cookie-cutter swimming pools no longer cut it. Custom swimming pools are a must. To help you decide what type of swimming pool you want, here are three popular pool shapes to choose from. Each is perfect for different reasons and fit different lifestyles and uses. When you find the shape you like, give us a call so we can help you get started.

Rectangle-Shaped Pool

Rectangle shaped pool

These rectangular swimming pools are very common in backyards and indoor swimming pools. The reason is because they are simple to create and fit most spaces. The straight edges on these pools create a modern look that is perfect for the updated house and person looking to stay up to date with current trends.

Another reason long and straight pools are common is for the versatility in their use. These pools create great aesthetic appeal and can be used for daily exercise or evening parties. This pool type is often used to create L-shaped and paired with infinity edges. So whether you want to have a morning swim or invite friends over, this pool shape is sure to be a show stopper.

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Freeform Pool

large pool with braziers waterfalls and spa

Freeform pools are where you can let your creativity show. With these types of pools, you can both create something that is different from anything else and shape your pool to fit your needs. Get a look that people will remember and use your own design to make it yours.

These pools are great for any use. You can make them long and use them for exercise while still being able to join together with loved ones for a good time. This pool shape is often larger and takes up more space, but can also be made to fit any size. If you have a smaller yard where you’re putting your pool, you may have to dial down the sizing of this pool. Either way, you will know that you have something unique and fun for all.

Kidney-Shaped Pool

Pool with patio umbrella waterfall spa image 2

Named for its resemblance to the kidney bean, this pool shape tends to be more of a retro look. Very popular in the 50s and 60s, this pool is perfect for get-togethers and fun pool nights. Gather people together for intimate nights and conversations or enjoy pool parties and lavish features added on.

You might notice this type of pool in the smaller yards or those areas where there isn’t as much space. The good thing about this shape is it adds to the property, making it feel larger with its expanded look and feel. If you are on a smaller budget or area but you still want the feel of luxury and space, the kidney-shaped pool is for you.

A kidney-shaped pool is a timeless design and fits well in many backyard environment styles.

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