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3 Reasons Why Building a New Swimming Pool in the Winter Makes Sense

October 6, 2022

Be Swimming by Summer

Be swimming by Summer! Most people understand that the purpose of a new pool is for enjoyment and relaxation. What better way to beat the heat of Summer than to pass the time in your new custom pool. Our team of designers, certified installers, and trained retail staff members specialize in simplifying the often complicated process of building a new pool. Yes, it CAN be easy! We strive to make your pool building and owning experience simple and successful every step of the way-now and for years to come.

Beat the Rush

We know its cold outside and building a pool is probably not the first thing on your mind! However as soon as the weather changes in Texas, there’s always a mad rush to hurry through the pool design and building process so you can use your new pool before summer ends. Last year was one of our busiest pool building seasons we have had, and next year is showing indications that it may be even busier- so don’t hesitate, schedule your design appointment today!
Pool Stop custom swimming pools can build any pool shape and have any feature you desire. We only build custom pools that are tailored to your exact specifications and budget. How about that slide or lazy river? Or those powerful swim jets that let you exercise in a current of water set to your exact personal capabilities? Or maybe you want to keep it simple and have us build you a beautiful, high quality swimming pool without all the extra features? We can build it!

Beat Next Seasons Price Increases

As we have all seen, everything just keeps getting more expensive. Get scheduled to build your pool now and you can beat the pricing increases coming next pool season. We are a locally owned business that supports our community, schools and organizations. We are NOT a volume builder that gives you a “custom design” that looks suspiciously like the last three they built. Our designers take pride in providing a true custom pool design and turning it into YOUR pool. MOST importantly we will design a pool that is not a maintenance nightmare. With our years of experience in building and maintaining pools, we are able build excellent pools while successfully avoiding mistakes that are commonly made in the pool industry.

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