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4 Tips for Planning a Pool Renovation

October 7, 2022

Perhaps you had your pool built a decade ago. Maybe you bought a house with a pool that has seen better days. You might have a pool leak, or a structural issue that needs to be dealt with. Or you may just have cosmetic grievances with your pool. Regardless, a pool is an investment of both time and money, and a magnetic attraction for friends and family. For these reasons, if you’re unhappy with your pool, it may be time to consider a renovation. We have compiled these tips for planning a pool renovation, and are confident you are going to love the outcome.

To Change, or Not to Change

There could be a dozen reasons why you’re planning a pool renovation. Elements of the pool like the coping, plaster, or tile can wear down over time and need an update. Or, the mechanical equipment has outlasted it’s life expectancy, and for your pool’s life to continue, a new system is needed. Trends change, and what was once state-of-the-art is now not so easy on the eyes. Pool size, pool shape, features, or lack thereof, can all be changed to meet your evolving lifestyle and taste.


Timing Is Everything

Once you have decided on the elements you’d like to update or the accessories you’d like to add to your existing pool, consider the timing of your pool remodel. Starting a renovation in spring or summer is likely to lead to some impatience and frustration. That’s usually the time of year you’re ready to relax, host parties and show off the updates. A noisy renovation could put a damper on your plans. Like all renovations, a pool remodel takes time and can hit unexpected snags along the way. Giving yourself (and your contractors) the time to start and complete the renovation before you even have swimming on the brain is a great option. Fall or winter are the ideal times to plan and begin renovation on your swimming pool.

Upgrades a-Plenty

Your kids, who begged for that pool slide, are now in college. They come home for the summers, invite their sorority sisters over, and lay out for what seems like days at a time. That slide has lost its appeal, but a tanning ledge sure would be a nice addition. The modern, whitewashed look was exactly what you dreamed of 10 years ago, but now you’re drawn to large rocks, natural hues, and lush landscaping. Consider the upgrades that are available and contour them to meet your current stage of life. Are you wanting to add features that you couldn’t afford during the original build, but are absolutely obsessed with? Water features, firepits, or decking go a long way in totally revamping your swimming pool. Visit our showroom, and let us help your dreams meet your budget and your space.

Beauty Meets Benefit

Pools have come a long way. There are so many small improvements that create a big effect. Though it may seem frivolous or unnecessary at the surface, the increased functionality and safety of an updated pool cannot be overlooked. Updating a mechanical system is an energy efficient upgrade that doubles as an added safety measure. Fixing or updating what you have already built and paid for will extend the lifespan of your pool, and cut down on maintenance costs in the future.

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