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4 Ways to Keep Children & Pets Safe with Your New Inground Pool

June 29, 2023
Child enjoys playing in pool while dog stands on pool wall.

If you’re in the market to build a luxurious inground swimming pool in your backyard, you know how necessary it is to make sure it’s a safe place that your family can play, relax, and enjoy daily. Pools create lasting memories and activities for all your family’s two-legged and even four-legged members.

While a custom built pool can be a great addition, it is essential to remember the potential dangers of owning such a significant and exciting feature. Falling, slipping, and drowning are the most common hazards, especially for young children. We want you to have the most unique pool for your family while providing peace of mind when the little ones are outside.

To ensure your loved ones’ safety, here are a few ways to customize your inground pool to keep your family out of harm’s way. Do not let the potential risks of owning a pool take away from creating and enjoying your custom backyard oasis.

Pool fence surrounding swimming pool as added safety feature.

1. Add Pool Safety Fences

When considering installing safety measures in place for your pool, a fence is one of the first things you should consider installing. While it is not mandatory in all states, it is highly encouraged to keep your pool area secure to prevent any incidents. 

An approximate 4-5 foot fence will effectively block the pool area and prevent any accidents, such as your child or pet falling in. However, it is crucial to ensure the fence is not climbable or that no objects near the fence could enable climbing or jumping. If you want to provide even further security, you can add a lock on the latch, but be sure it is out of reach of children. Although a fence will provide significant protection for your family and pets, keeping a close eye on the events near your pool is still essential

large pool waterfall water features image 2

2. Pool and Outdoor Lighting

Keeping your pool and outdoor areas well-lit is another excellent safety measure. When it’s dark, it can be much more challenging to see the objects and potential dangers around you. Adding custom lighting to either your pool or backyard will create a unique ambiance for your backyard area. Adding custom lighting will help clearly distinguish between the pool and the ground. While this creates a relaxing atmosphere, it also provides another set of safety measures in your space. Additionally, adding outdoor lighting makes the layout even more apparent to the eye. Visit our outdoor pool lighting page to ensure you have the best lighting quality and installation for your new outdoor retreat.

Pool ladder coming out of water.

3. Stairs and Ladders for Easy Exits

When in the process of customizing your pool, it’s essential to consider what types of exits you have and where they are located. Putting ladders or stairs on both ends of the pool will make it easier for struggling children and pets to effectively get out. While the stairs and ladders will help from disaster, it’s important to take the time to teach your kids and pets where the exits are in the pool area to help ensure they know what to do in an emergency.

While installing stairs and ladders in your pool is necessary, it is also wise to consider the type of tile and stones you install. Ensuring the stairs and area around the pool are non-slip will significantly prevent falls or injuries. Check out our design center to customize your pool area for your safety and aesthetic needs.

Pool alarm going into water that helps prevents accidents.

4. Swimming Pool Alarms

Do you want instant alerts if one of your loved ones or pets is outside or has fallen in the pool? If yes, then you need to install an alarm. There are a variety of different alarms you can purchase to prevent possible drowning incidents. For example, some systems alert you if someone is going to the backyard, while others can alert you if there is motion in the pool. These systems stand out from the other safety installations because even if you are inside, you’ll be warned as soon as the alarm detects potential danger. These alarm systems can give that extra comfort for the safety of your loved ones.

We hope these four safety tips will provide you with enough information to keep your children and pets safe. Here at Pool Stop, it is important to us that our customers feel secure while enjoying their custom built swimming pool. Our experts are here to help you so you can enjoy your new pool without worries. Contact us today for more information about our services.

General Pool Safety

While enhancing your pool can provide extra security for your kids and pets, here are some basic pool safety tips to always know and enforce in your household.

  • Know CPR. You can take a training course or get CPR certified. This will give you the life saving skills you need to help adults, children, infants, and pets in emergencies.
  • Never swim alone. Children and pets should not be in or around the pool without supervision. 
  • Set Rules Around The Pool. Set household rules on how to behave around and in the pool. For example, do not run around the pool area, do not dive in shallow water, no rough play, etc.
  • Have an emergency kit nearby. You should be prepared for any emergency.

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