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5 Smart Budgeting Tips for a New Swimming Pool

October 10, 2022
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After years of consideration, you have decided it’s time for a swimming pool. The idea of spending your days relaxing by the pool just sounds too good to pass up any longer. For soon-to-be pool owners, the financial piece of pool building is an afterthought. For some, money is the deciding factor. No matter where you fall on the scale, a swimming pool is no doubt an investment. While pools have become more economically achievable, and financing options for home improvement projects are available, budgeting for your swimming pool is the best first step you can take. Here are 5 smart budgeting tips for a new swimming pool.

Your Pool’s Purpose

Deciding what purpose your pool will serve for you and your family will help streamline the budgeting process.

  • If the pool will be used by your small children, a small and shallow pool will do the trick.
  • If you are a lap swimmer, the pool will need to be much larger.
  • If you want features to entice your grandkids to come for the weekend, slides and diving boards may be non-negotiables for you.

Decide your must-haves in order for your pool to best fit your lifestyle, and go from there. If every fun and exciting feature catches your eye, you can easily surpass your financial threshold. Many features can be added later, so don’t feel rushed to have all the things all at once. You need good bones, so start there.

Your Pool’s Placement

The terrain, landscape, and space of your backyard will play a role in the overall cost of your pool installation. It’s important to remember that a pool install requires large equipment. What’s your backyard terrain? Rocks, slopes, and large trees can all factor into increasing costs of a pool install. Do you have a fence? Depending on where you live, it is a requirement to have a barrier installed around the pool, as well as a permit to build a pool. All of these items cost money, and are sometimes overlooked when a swimming pool budget is being created.

Your Pool’s Ongoing Costs

Figuring out the design, the features and the size of your pool are the beginning of the budget. However, you must remember that a pool is not only an immediate expense, but an ongoing investment. Pools require care, and a monthly budget for pool maintenance will ease your burden in the long run. Understanding what chemicals, what equipment, what maintenance, and what utilities your pool will require is vital to accurate budgeting. Will you perform the maintenance yourself, or will you hire qualified technicians to perform the weekly upkeep? The care of your pool will dictate the life expectancy, so proper TLC is worth its weight in gold.

Your Pool’s Overall Price Tag

At Pool Stop, we offer free design consultations in our showroom. Our expert designers will help you nail down all the specifics regarding materials, size, shape and amenities. We understand everyone has a budget to stick to, and do our best to make your dreams fit your budget needs. Once all of the details are out of the way, you will be able to finalize the figures on the cost of your swimming pool install and upkeep. A smart approach is to save up the money for a good down payment. These days, financing options are available for building swimming pools. This financial assistance will help you get the number down to a manageable monthly payment, with the loan terms you need. If the final number is higher than what is feasible, simply go back to the drawing board and see where there is room for change. Perhaps going a little smaller, or eliminating the deep end, or waiting on several amenities like decking and water features.

Your Pool’s Builder

A swimming pool is a beautiful upgrade to your home, but also a hefty investment. It is so important that you choose a builder you can trust. The 5 smart budgeting tips for a new swimming pool ends right here with selecting the best pool company. At Pool Stop, we have a quote request option on our website to get you started. As expert custom pool builders, we have been serving the Rockwall area for over 17 years.  Building better pools is the driving force behind our work. By scheduling a free design appointment, we can provide you with an estimate to begin your budgeting and planning. With our experience, we will be able to answer any question you have regarding pool upkeep costs. Let’s turn your dreams into reality. You can trust us to handle your budget needs with great care. Happy swimming!

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