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Can A Swimming Pool Be Built in My Backyard?

September 6, 2023
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For many families across the DFW area, building a custom swimming pool in their backyard is an aspirational goal that means more fun for the whole family. We all know how hot it gets here in North Texas–especially during the grueling summer months–so what better way to cool off than by taking a swim? However, a lot of people decide not to build a pool because they think that their backyard is too small. But thanks to recent advancements in pool-building technology, swimming pools can be built quicker and in more places than ever before, even if your backyard seems out of reach. Let’s look at the main factors to consider before building a custom pool in your backyard.

Contact Your HOA for Approval 

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Before you begin planning your dream pool, it’s important to obtain approval from your local Homeowners’ Association (HOA) first. HOAs can be picky about the customizations that you add to your home, even if they’re in your own backyard. Research your Homeowners’ Association’s rules and regulations regarding pool construction, as these guidelines may limit the amount of creative freedom you have when designing your pool. If you plan on adding outdoor living features such as waterfalls and slides that may be visible from above your fence line, asking your neighbors for their input on these installations as well would be the courteous thing to do.

Consider the Elevation Changes In Your Backyard

One of the primary reasons why thousands of families across Dallas decide against building a backyard pool is because they have a sloping backyard. This means that a part or all of their backyard does not consist of level ground, which is often perceived as not ideal for pool construction. Fortunately, even if you have a sloping backyard, there are design and shape options for you to make your dream pool a reality. One popular technique that we use when building a pool in a sloped backyard is called grading, which involves scaling a section of your yard to make it level. The pool would then be constructed in that flat surface while retaining walls are built alongside it to separate the rest of your yard from the pool. Even if your backyard looks too off-kilter to build upon, the possibilities are still there.

Ensure There’s Enough Room for Pool Equipment

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When homeowners begin planning the size and shape of their future swimming pool, they usually measure their yard to ensure that there is enough space for the pool to be built. What many people don’t realize is that in order for a pool to be constructed, there needs to be sufficient space for your pool’s maintenance equipment as well. In order for a pool to function properly, equipment such as water filters, pumps, and sometimes heaters need to be installed. These machines can take up a lot of space, so when mapping out your pool project, make sure to account for the equipment it needs. Maintaining and servicing your pool is important, after all!

Pools to Fit Every Size Backyard

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One of the main reasons why many families decide against building a custom pool in their backyard is that they think they don’t have enough space. If you have a smaller backyard, don’t fret; you’d be surprised to see what an amazing pool would look like in a small space! A benefit of building a custom pool is that it can be designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of your outdoor living space, whether it’s big or small. Our custom pool shapes can be scaled down to tastefully compliment your yard while leaving plenty of room for the rest of your outdoor activities.

If you feel intimidated by the amount of information you just read, don’t fret! Our team of designers and builders at Pool Stop is here to help you with every step of the pool-building process. We’ve been building pools for DFW residents just like you for over 20 years, and we’re ready to create your dream pool with you. Get a free quote from us today to begin your planning process!

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