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Why Should You Consider Financing A Custom Built Swimming Pool?

October 17, 2023
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Owning an inground swimming pool can offer various advantages, but the steps leading up to it can be overwhelming. One of the challenges is financing the pool. At Pool Stop, we strive to inform our customers about all of the financing choices available to help ease the process. With our guidance, buying and owning a pool has never felt so attainable. 

Home Improvement Loans

When you decide it’s time to enhance your backyard, we’re always ready to lend you a hand. We want our customers to be aware of the many home improvement loans that are available for them to take advantage of. Some of the banks we suggest, which offer excellent rates, include Central Bank, Lyon Financial, Certified Funding, L.P., and Frost Bank. It’s important to note that each price will differ based on the individual as well as the choice of bank. Regardless of which option you choose, the distribution of finances will surprise you, and make your choice of buying a pool more feasible than ever. 

 When it comes to paying for your pool, financing can provide unique advantages compared to other payment methods. By partnering with your bank, you can arrange to make a series of scheduled payments instead of paying for the pool all at once. The frequency of these payments will depend on the individual, but typically they are made on a monthly basis, which can help customers feel more comfortable with the financial commitment of purchasing a pool.

Benefits of Investing in a Swimming Pool 

Now that you are aware of the financing options, let’s discuss why investing in a swimming pool would be beneficial to you.  

Financing Brings Affordability

Many individuals are unaware of the affordability of financing an inground swimming pool. By taking out a loan, you can make monthly payments to cover some or all of the pool’s costs. These monthly payments can be spread out, making it simple to budget for a swimming pool. 

Swimming Pools Increase Property Value

If you’re considering selling your house, renting it out, or passing it down to your kids in the future, having an inground pool can increase your property value significantly, often by thousands of dollars. In Texas, having a pool is a particularly desirable feature for a home. However, since inground pools are common in the state, it’s important to think about what unique features your pool can have to stand out from the rest.

Inground Pools are Customizable  

When designing your pool, there are numerous features to consider adding to the pool itself and your backyard. A custom pool that differentiates itself from others could include a unique shape, a spa, exclusive water or fire features, and more! If you have a special attachment to your pool, you’ll probably want to showcase it. Your backyard can be an ideal spot for hosting gatherings and celebrations, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Swimming Relieves Stress and is Great Exercise

Swimming has an abundance of health benefits. It’s an activity that people of any age can indulge in, that offers both mental and physical stress relief. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finds that swimming can:

  • Decrease anxiety and depression
  • Improve mood
  • Improve family connections and quality of life
  • Decrease disability in older adults
  • Help maintain both health

Contact Pool Stop To Help Finance Your Swimming Pool!

Investing in a swimming pool can offer numerous benefits beyond those listed here, making it a worthwhile investment. Our financing solutions make owning a pool more affordable and are some of the best in the area. Additionally, our industry-leading warranty program provides post-construction protection, increasing our customers’ confidence in investing in a swimming pool. If you’re ready to get started on building your very own custom swimming pool, contact us today

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