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Pool Equipment Repair By Certified Technicians

October 7, 2022

Pool Stop, Rockwall, TX. Building & Maintaining Better Pools Since 2003

Pool Equipment Repair

Is your pool equipment, leaking, broken, or just not performing like it should?

Pools and pool equipment that needs repair but is neglected can become a huge headache-even bigger than it was when you first realized you had a problem. And not just a headache, but malfunctioning equipment can be a safety hazard to you and your pool as well.

• Not repairing or replacing a broken pump can lead to algae problems, excess debris, or even an electrical short causing equipment and piping to melt.
• Leaving debris in your system can ruin filters and pumps, making them not only less energy efficient and less effective but can make them die on you before their time, making you spend more money on an unnecessary replacement.
• Having unbalanced chemicals can allow harmful bacteria to grow.

Let our pool repair professionals at Pool Stop keep all of your pool equipment performing at its absolute best so you can avoid more costly repairs and replacements in the future.

We’re here for you

Our Factory trained and licensed technicians can help bring your pool up to its top operating levels, so whether you want to repair failing equipment or upgrade to the latest, energy efficient equipment-we can do it. We are fully prepared to fulfill all your pool service and equipment needs. Keep your pool in tip top shape with Pool Stop!

Your family’s enjoyment and safety is most important to us, so we take pool service seriously. It has to be right every time. We’ll always take the time to explain all repair and replacement options to you so you can make the best decision for you and your pool, making you at ease as you proceed in whichever manner suits you best.

If it’s on your pool, we can take care of it for you. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll get your pool back at its sparkling best in no time!

Pool Stop is certified to service warranty repairs and replacements on Jandy, Zodiac, Polaris, Pentair, RayPak, and Hayward pool equipment.

Schedule an appointment today by filling out the form!

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