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Product Showcase – Pool Filters

October 11, 2022

A gallery of the pool filters that we offer.

At Pool Stop, we sell and install Jandy pool filters because of their great design and generous warranty terms (three years parts and labor). Jandy makes filters for every possible application related to your pool and spa.If you prefer a different brand, we can certainly install and support that product, but we feel that the Jandy family of products provides the best combination of quality and value for our customers.

Plus . . . if you are around pool filters every day, you can really appreciate the fact that the tanks don’t seem to shed fiberglass like many of the other brands. If you have ever leaned on a pool filter and walked away itching for the rest of the day with fiberglass in your arms, you know what we are talking about.

Filter Type Filter Sizes Filter Uses
Jandy Cartridge Filters Jandy CL Cartridge Filters

340 Square Feet

460 Square Feet

580 Square Feet

This is a four cartridge filter and currently our most popular model. Our customers like this filter because of the simplicity and overall lower cost of maintenance.
With this filter, you usually only need to clean it once every six months, unless you get unusually high usage in your pool or your pool turns green. Both of those things will load up the filter and require cleaning sooner than 6 months.
These filters do not require a backwash valve, which helps to improve the overall flow through your pool system.
Jandy Cartridge Filters Jandy CS Cartridge Filters

100 – 250 Square Feet

These are smaller cartridge filters, primarily for fountains or spas. We do not recommend using them on swimming pools, unless you want to clean the cartridges every few weeks.
A single cartridge filter (regardless of size of cartridge) will fill up 5-6 times faster than a four cartridge filter. This is because in the smaller filters, the water typically flows through the filter material 3-4x faster and the debris packs in more tightly.
We also don’t recommend the larger sizes in this series because it has the same size cartridge with more pleats tucked in the cartridge. It makes it harder to clean and really does not give you substantially longer filter runs.
Jandy DE Filters Jandy DEV DE Filters

48 Square Feet

60 Square Feet

Jandy DE filters feature the most updated design in the industry. The tanks are the heaviest we have come across and the handles on top are a nice feature (why didn’t the other guys think about this?)
Jandy offers three different types of backwash valves for these filters
Push Pull backwash valve – this is the simplest option
Multiport backwash valve – this offers more features (that are seldom used)
NeverLube style backwash valve – this offers the best flow
Jandy Sand Filters Jandy JS Sand Filters

(60 GPM)

30″Diameter (100 GPM)

We don’t install many sand filters in this market, but if you want a sand filter, we would be happy to get you a sand filter. In a few cases, they are probably the best type of filter.
These filters are offered in two different sizes and you can use three different types of backwash valves with them. Consult us for our recommendations.


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