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4 Ways to Streamline Your Swimming Pool Build

October 7, 2022

Have you been thinking about putting in a new pool, but are afraid of how long it will take? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got 4 ways to streamline your swimming pool build. We’ll walk you through different things you can do to speed up the pool build process. If you are still left with lingering questions, give us a call or if you’re ready to get going, set up your pool build estimate.

Time to Put in a New Pool

On average, a new concrete pool can take anywhere from 2-4 months from start to finish. Depending on the size and shape of your pool, you may be on the low or high end of this spectrum. Included in the pool build are the following:

  • Design, permits, and approvals
  • Excavation
  • Steel, plumbing, and electrical
  • Gunite and surrounding deck area
  • Plaster

While a swimming pool is considered a major construction project, we have been doing this for almost 20 years. We’ve learned the best way to build a pool is to be clear on what to expect during the process.

Below are four things you can do on your own to streamline your swimming pool build.

Start Designing Now

Most people don’t know that they should start their design well before the construction actually begins. We recommend that you start gathering ideas on what you want your pool to look like. You can also look at photos of pools on sites like Instagram, Houzz, and others for inspiration. This will help to speed up the process because when you do talk to the contractor, you will know exactly what you’re looking for. Our job becomes easier with this clear communication, and your pool gets built faster.

Have a Location In Mind

Another roadblock that people often run into is finding the right place for their pool. When we say place, we’re talking about the exact location for your pool. Take a look at your yard or patio and decide where the pool will go—take measurements. Keep in mind that there are regulations for how close the pool can be to the house as well as other structures. On top of that, you’ll need the space to fit the design that you want. By taking a look at where you want your pool to go, it’ll be easier for the contractor to adjust your design to fit the space.

Choose Your Features

Here at Pool Stop, we offer a number of innovative and modern features that you can add to your pool. This includes things like waterfalls, fountains, in-pool loungers, etc. So what features are you specifically looking for in your pool?

Add these features to your design when you are creating it. This will give our team a better idea of how we can best meet your needs and help make your pool build happen faster

Get a Quote Early

While we recommend that you get started on your design early, we also don’t recommend waiting until you’re finished with your design before you get a quote. When you know you’re serious, get a quote right away. Often, after getting your quote, you need time to get approved for financing, permit and utility approvals, etc. If you get your quote early, you’ll save yourself some time.

Our unique showroom allows you to see all of the options available in one place, and at your convenience.

All of our team members can work with you on a quote that fits your budget, your house and your design. We help people all throughout the DFW area get the pool they are looking for. We know that we can help you do the same.

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