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Why You Should Install A Pool In The Winter

September 28, 2023
Dallas pool build

Dallas pool build

Winter Pool Installations Are Convenient

Trying to dive into some fun? When installing a swimming pool, starting it in the late spring or early Summer is already too late to enjoy a swim. By the time the pool build is complete, Fall and Winter are already around the corner and your summer swimming plans can be put on hold for an entire year. Starting your pool build during the Winter season, however, gives it ample time for the construction process. A swimming pool installation takes more time than people realize to obtain the licenses, warranties, and get permits approved before starting. Once approved, the process of completing a pool installation is quick if you have a reliable pool builder like Pool Stop. Otherwise, swimming pool companies with less consistent timelines can take up to an additional year past the completion date to finish the swimming pool build.

Pool Installations In The Winter Cost Less

Starting your swimming pool construction project in the winter will likely be cheaper for multiple reasons. 

  • Cost Of Goods To Build A Pool: The new year brings a lot of changes, and every year the cost of goods goes up in some form for swimming pool builders. For example, fiberglass pool supplies costs have been increasing almost every year since 2009. If you build your swimming pool before the increase, then you can save money and build your pool more efficiently by avoiding next year’s price increases.
  • Swimming Pool Construction Discounts: As the rush season ends for swimming pool companies, they are offering discounts and incentives to increase swimming pool purchases. These discounts can range from saving you a couple of hundred dollars to saving thousands.
  • Swimming Pool Builder Availability: Winter is the slower season for swimming pool companies. This means that they are juggling fewer pool construction projects during these colder months. As a result, they have more time and manpower to focus on your pool build.

With all these combined benefits of building a swimming pool in winter, the money you could have saved compared to building your pool in spring is a lot higher than you realize. At Pool Stop we build year-round, offer pool purchase discounts every month, and highlight these types of benefits so any aspiring pool owner can start their dream build at any time.

Dallas Pool Build

Winter Pool Installations Have A Better Timeline

Starting a pool build isn’t when the ground breaks, or when your permits are approved, or even when you finish your pool design. Your swimming pool construction journey starts the moment you tell yourself “I want a pool.” This means that you need to give yourself ample time to select your pool design, style, materials, pool company, and many other pieces to the pool construction puzzle.  Other swimming pool companies will require entire days to review your backyard and sketch out a rough design, whereas, at Pool Stop, we have streamlined these processes. Our swimming pool design team not only helps you pick your favorite ideas for your pool build but they also 3D render it in only a couple of minutes so you can see exactly what it would look like in your backyard. 

If you start your pool-building timeline during the peak seasons of summer and spring then your installation might be delayed. This is mainly because, during peak season, other swimming pool companies might prioritize projects based on spend, manpower, and distance from the store. By starting in winter, you are reducing the competition you have with other future pool owners for your pool builder’s time and attention. This reduced competition will also all-together will also create a smoother pool-building process and build trust between you and your pool builder.

Start Your Winter Pool Build With Pool Stop

At Pool Stop, we have everything you need to get your dream pool design up and in motion to be constructed on a consistent timeline. We also offer a variety of pool construction discounts every month for our clients to enable pool building for those who thought it was out of reach. On top of that, we streamline the process of your pool construction timeline, giving you a quick, clear, and high-quality pool design that puts you steps ahead of schedule. Contact us today to learn more about how Pool Stop is the right choice for you.

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