A list of the most common filter issues and steps to resolve them.

Pool filter problems can be very frustrating, especially when you are ready for swimming, but your pool is most definitely not. Here are some of the most common pool filter issues that we see in the field and links to our pages that describe the possible causes and solutions in greater detail.

My water is cloudy:

If you cannot clearly see the main drain at the bottom of your pool, then you not only have a water clarity issue, you also have a safety issue. Is it water chemistry or is it filtration, or maybe even circulation. We discuss all the possibilities here.

My filter pressure will not come down:

If you backwash the filter and the pressure just does not come down or if the pressure comes down for just a short while, then goes back up again, then it is time to take the filter apart. We discuss this problem here.

I have debris or DE returning to my pool:

Obviously, the purpose of a pool filter is to trap debris. If that debris (or DE) is sailing right back into your pool, then there is most likely a problem within your filter, but there are other possibilities as well. Click here for details.

My pool filter is leaking:

If your filter is leaking, it could be something very simple, or it could be time for a new filter. Click here for a discussion of the most common sources of leaks on a pool filter and the possible solutions.

At Pool Stop, our experienced technicians approach every job with great attention to detail. About 95% of the battle in any pool repair job is getting the diagnosis correct. We take the time to carefully observe the situation, evaluate all the possible causes and solutions and present you with your options.

If you are having problems with any aspect of your swimming pool or spa, give us a call today and set up a service appointment. We look forward to serving you.

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