Solutions to the most common pump issues that people encounter.

Common Pump Problems


If your pool pump stops working, then your pool will start to show it pretty quickly. Without a pump, your water will not be circulated, filtered, heated or chlorinated. If something is wrong with your pump, it is important to get it resolved quickly. In this section, we will identify the major issues that can occur with a pool pump. Once you have identified your problem, you can click on the link for further information on resolving the issue.

My Pump Has No Flow

If the pump is running and there is no flow in the pool, there are several things that could be causing this problem. It could be that the pump has lost prime or is clogged. It is even possible that the filter may be causing this problem. Click to get some help with a pump that is not moving any water.

My Pump Is Noisy

If your pump is making a lot more noise than normal, then you may have bad bearings or a mechanical issue within the pump itself. Whatever the problem, it needs to be repaired quickly to avoid further issues. Click for some help with a noisy pump.

My Pump is Leaking Water

If your pump is leaking (even a small leak), then it needs to be diagnosed and repaired. A pump leak can often be repaired at a fairly minimal cost, but if it is ignored, it could end up ruining the entire pump. Click for some help with a leaking pump.

My Pump is Sucking Air

Normally, when a pump is running, the pump pot should be full of water and free of air. If there is a lot of air coming through the pump, then you have a problem. It could be something simple or it could be something more serious. Click for help with a pump that sucking air.

My Pump Motor Will Not Come On

Sometimes a pump motor will hum for a second and then shut off. Other times, it will not even make any noise and will simply not come on. This could indicate many different types of problems. Our experienced licensed technicians can help you get to the bottom of the problem quickly. Click for more help with a dead motor.

My Pump Motor Cycles On and Off

If the pump keeps turning on and off all by itself, then you could have a problem with the motor. In some cases, during freeze protection, cycling is perfectly normal. Click to get more informant on this.

At Pool Stop, we have a team of experienced licensed and insured pool technicians who are qualified to help get to the bottom of the problem quickly and present you with options for repair.

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