Does Cleaning the pool myself Save Time & Money?


Here’s an interesting philosophical question and it’s one that we often ask ourselves. What is the best way to grow your wealth? There is a wide array of potential answers, but breaking it down to brass tacks there are two primary ways:

  1. Make More Money (unlimited potential)
  2. Save More Money (limited potential)

Either method requires a proactive approach – often with people trying to save before trying to earn more. Why? Well, in our experience, homeowners often feel that they have it in their power to be a D-I-Y champion. But is trying to save money with your swimming pool really going to benefit your pocketbook?


As consumers, we see it everyday. Someone creates a crafty way to solve any gambit of problems and publishes their findings on YouTube. People now feel more empowered than ever by the rise of the internet and all of the “solutions” that it provides for your life.


The only problem is, how much time are you willing to spend solving your problem? And how much money are you willing to spend or waste while overcoming that learning curve?

Trouble With “The Curve”

The primary problem with swimming pools and spas is that the learning curve is very steep. When we look at our backyards, we tend to generalize “see a sparkling body of water that we add chemicals to weekly.”


Inherently, we believe that this is an easy task and we can just YouTube our way through a problem without causing any real or permanent damage to our pool. After all, it’s only water and more chemicals will ultimately fix the issue, right? Wrong, definitely wrong!


To put it simply, swimming pools are miniature ecosystems that hold the earth’s most basic element – Water! As an ecosystem, everything is self-managed and requires a state of balance. Whether you believe it or not, the water in your swimming pool will find its own balance – regardless of what chemicals you toss into it…

Don’t Misdiagnose – Save Those Chemicals

Water is known in the science as the Universal Solvent. It is capable of dissolving a greater amount of substances and minerals than any other liquid on earth. That means, that if your water is not balanced, it will gladly eat away at your pool surface or deposit excess minerals right onto your plaster or pool equipment. Don’t believe us? Just check out this article over the Langelier Saturation Index, produced by Orenda Technologies.


Sounds scary right? Trust us, it is. Chemical problems can become very expensive, very quickly! Oftentimes, we see the worst issues from homeowners who attempt to treat a chemical problem in their swimming pool – the DIY way. They believed that the problem wasn’t as bad as they initially thought and kept adding chemicals in a “trial and error” fashion.


The true problem was, they didn’t know the correct solution and just made matters worse by guessing.

Example: Poor Chemistry Can Ruin Your Pool Surface – Requiring you to Re-Plaster


Did you know that re-plastering your swimming pool can cost thousands of dollars?. Not to mention, the Surface Area of your pool is calculated on internal surface area. Therefore, your pool could contain between 1000 SQFT – 2500 SQFT based on the length, width and depth of your swimming pool.


Using these figures, one re-plaster job can easily cost between $4,600 – $15,000. Now we’re not sure about you, but not everyone has that type of money sitting in the bank.

In addition to costly mistakes that can damage your pool surface (plaster), poor judgement with chemistry is wasteful.


Pool chemicals are not cheap and you might be adding chemicals to your swimming pool that aren’t necessary or don’t fix the problem. In those situations, you’ve spent tens or hundreds of dollars fixing a problem that only a trained expert can solve.

Stop Making Trips to Home Depot – We’ve Got The Tools

Moving away from chemistry, what happens if your pump starts to make noise or worse, begins to smoke? Do you have the technical expertise to open it up for a closer examination? Are you able to browse Amazon and accurately locate the correct impeller, diffuser, shaft seal, o-rings or impeller ring? Do these items sound like gibberish?


If you answered “I’m not sure” to any of these questions – you need to call in the experts. Pool Stop repair technicians are specially trained by factory representatives to diagnose and repair any array of swimming pool equipment. We carry the tools, replacement parts and warranty to backup our repairs. Oh yeah, we can also fix your equipment in record time!


Compare this to the alternative of taking that loose bolt to Home Depot to find the right bit size. Do you know the correct lubricant for that moving part? Are you going to use Silicone-based or Teflon-based lubricant? These are the pieces of industry knowledge that you gain by choosing Pool Stop for your equipment repair or replacement needs!

Time is Money – The Principle of Time Allocation

Lastly, many of our clients are successful business owners, executives or employees who’ve spent years developing their careers. Over time, they’ve developed their portfolio of business experience that makes them more valuable to their employer. They’ve established themselves and are very effective at their trade. In fact, many of them would say that they are the best in their field and provide for their families with their wide array of knowledge and skills!


Now, looking at our primary question: What Are Two Ways to Grow Your Wealth?


Many people instinctively answer – “Save More Money.” However, this solution is limited by scale and ultimately you’ll run out of ways to save money. Secondly, if we approach the concept of life in matters of time allocation – we have to take a different approach.

If we are all masters of our own trades and earn our living from those trades, shouldn’t we then try to grow our wealth by making more money? More simply put, doesn’t wasting time trying to solve problems with your swimming pool actually cost you both time and money?


Doesn’t it make more sense to allocate this amount of time to a professional so you can free up to your time to do what you prefer? Doesn’t it make more sense to spend your time focusing on your field (making more money) or spending it with value (family, friends, hobbies, etc)?

It’s Time to Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space!

In conclusion, caring your backyard is what we live to do! We’ve developed our business from helping our clients get the most out of their backyard. Additionally, we’ve grown our business because we’ve done a good job! Our clients trust our technical experts to Clean, Maintain, Repair, Renovate, Remodel and Construct backyards of their dreams.


Our clients understand our value and prefer to spend their time with their family, friends and loved ones doing what they enjoy. Rather than waste time and money, they prefer to allocate their time effectively to get the most out of their life.


Don’t waste the most valuable assets that you have time and money. Use those assets wisely, and reduce your actual cost of owning that swimming pool. Our teams can save you money and ultimately lead you to enjoying your backyard with greater outdoor living experiences! Give us a call today or visit our retail store in Rockwall, TX (Next to Target) to see our difference for yourself!