Guide to our articles on pool lights.

Pool lighting has come a long way in the past twenty years. From the standard lighting to fiber optic lighting, which has largely given way to LED lighting. In this section we discuss the different types of lighting and the options for upgrading to the latest technology.

  • Standard Niche vs 1.5″ Fitting
    In most pools, the lights are installed in standard light niches (cans) in the wall of the pool.
    In pools that were built with fiber optic lighting, the lights are installed in 1.5″ fittings in the side of the pool. Fortunately, there are great LED options for “standard niche” pools as well as “1.5” fitting” pools.

LED Pool Lights (Standard Niche)

    Standard LED pool lighting has become a favorite in the industry. It is more expensive, but offers a variety of lighting colors and light shows. These are designed to be able to fit in most standard light niches.

120 Volt Pool Lights (Standard Niche)

    Incandescent 120 volt pool lighting has been the standard of the industry for many years. In this article, we discuss the operation and maintenance of this type of lighting.

12 Volt Pool Lights (Standard Niche)

    We don’t see a lot of 12 volt pool lighting in Texas, but it is actually mandatory in some states. It does offer some advantages over 120 volt lighting. In this article, we discuss the basic components and advantages of low voltage pool lighting.

Fiber Optic Lighting (1.5″ Fitting)

    Fiber optic pool lighting was all the rage for a few years and some nationwide pool builders installed it on all their pools. Today, there are a lot of dead fiber optic systems out there and very few people who even know how to work on them. In this article, we discuss the operation and repair of fiber optic pool lighting systems.

Upgrading from Fiber Optic to LED Lighting (1.5″ Fitting)

    If you are ready to upgrade your old fiber optic pool lighting to newer (and much brighter) LED retrofit lighting, there are a lot of exciting options out there, but one size does NOT fit all. In this article, we discuss the various options and considerations when upgrading from fiber optic to LED pool lighting.

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