Help for the hapless soul whose pump is not moving any water.

If your pool pump is turned on, but is not moving any water, it is important to figure out the problem as quickly as possible. The first step in troubleshooting this situation is to ask two questions:

1. Is the filter pressure high or low?

Typically when the pump is not moving any water, you will notice that the reading on the filter pressure gauge is significantly higher or lower than the normal pressure reading.

2. Is the pump pot full of water or full of air?

Normally, when the pump is fully primed, it will have nothing but water moving through it. However, sometimes when there are pump issues, you will notice that the pump pot has mostly air in it or is surging air and water through it.

Here is a table to help you to narrow down the problem:


Pump pot is FULL OF AIRFilter pressure his LOW Pump has lost prime Reprime the pump. Click here for more information.
Filter pressure is LOWPump pot is FULL OF WATER Pump impeller or basket is clogged

Pump intake lines are clogged

Mechanical failure inside pump

Inspect the condition of the basket. Disassemble pump and check for debris stuck in the impeller.

Blow out the intake lines.

Disassemble pump and inspect.

Filter pressure is HIGHPump pot is FULL OF WATER Filter is dirty

Blockage after the pump

Backwash or clean the filter as needed.

Check valve settings. Troubleshoot for other blockage issues in equipment.

Pump issues can be rather difficult to diagnose and often there is more than one issue. If the problem is not immediately obvious, call Pool Stop today and schedule a service professional to come out. We will accurately diagnose the issue and outline the options for repair.

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