What to do when your pump does not sound quite right.

When your pool pump starts making a lot of noise, it is definitely a cause for concern. Sometimes it is also a cause for insomnia and angry neighbors if it runs all night in that condition. Here are some of the most common causes of pump noise:

    1. Bad bearings – when the bearings go out on a pump, you will hear a very loud shrill or grinding noise. This is by far the most common cause for noisy pumps. Bearings can fail due to old age or they can experience premature failure if the mechanical seal on the pump fails and water is able to run up the shaft of the pump into the front bearings. The only realistic solution in this case is to replace the motor or pump (see discussion on pump repair vs. replacement).
    2. Poolsweep detached (pool cleaner pumps only) – if the pool cleaner booster pump is running while the pool cleaner is detached from the wall, then the pool cleaner booster pump will make a LOT of noise. This is because the pool cleaner booster pump is engineered to operate with the back pressure that the pool cleaner provides. If you ever need to remove the booster driven pool sweep from the wall, be sure to disable the pool cleaner booster pump.
    3. Something else – sometimes you hear a loud noise coming from the equipment area and just assume that it is the pump. It is best to walk out to your equipment area and see if the noise is coming from the pump or from some other source. Relays can chatter and create a loud buzzing noise also.When pool problems happen, you can count on the professionals at Pool Stop Custom Pools to give you prompt professional attention every time. Our experienced licensed professionals will take the time to make a careful diagnosis and then perform the repair to the highest standards. Give us a call today and schedule your service appointment.

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