Common issues that cause cloudy water.

Cloudy water is one of the more difficult issues to diagnose. There are several different possible causes for cloudy water and in any given situation, there might be a combination of causes at work.

Check your water chemistry:

    At Pool Stop, we offer free water testing. Don’t hesitate to grab a clean bottle and bring a fresh water sample into our store for testing. You will also enjoy walking about our store looking at all the other backyard products we offer.

Check your filter pressure:

    • If your filter pressure is abnormally high – then the filter needs to be cleaned or backwashed.

                   On a DE filter, if the filter pressure remains high, or returns to high pressure shortly after backwashing, then it needs a DE filter clean.

                  On a Cartridge filter, if the filter pressure remains high even after cleaning the cartridges, it is possible that the cartridges may be embedded with oils or                    minerals and may need to be replaced.

If your pool has recently turned green, that algae slime will coat your filter cartridges and can only be removed by physically cleaning the cartridges. High filter pressure can also indicate a blockage in the system somewhere. This is unusual, but does happen from time to time. If something comes loose in the system and lodges against something in the piping, it can create dangerously high pressure.

This is why you ALWAYS keep your eye on the pressure gauge when turning the filter on. If the pressure spikes above 30 psi, turn it off. If you cannot figure out what has caused the problem, call POOL STOP for assistance.

Check your flow:

    If your filter pressure is abnormally low – then you may possibly have an obstruction in flow that is keeping the water from flowing through the filter. Check the water level, the valve settings, and your skimmer and pump baskets to try to discover what is impeding the flow.

The problem could also be a clogged impeller.

Clean your filter cartridges or grids:

On a cartridge filter – you should clean the cartridges and inspect them for unusual wear.
On a DE filter – you should tear down the filter and clean it and inspect all of the grids and manifold for tears or breaks or unusual signs of wear.

    On a sand filter – you should take the lid off and check the condition of the sand. If the sand is hard or is caked up with oils or dirt, then it may be time to change the sand.

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