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What to Expect During Your Swimming Pool Construction Process

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Are you finding yourself wondering what to expect during your swimming pool construction process? Many soon-to-be pool owners have this same question. They know exactly what they want their pool to look like, where they want it and everything that comes with having a pool. But the pool construction process can often be a bit of a mystery. As such, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the pool construction process.

What is the Pool Construction Process

Assuming you have selected a contractor and designed your pool, the pool construction process is divided into 4 sections: the excavation, gunite (includes steel, plumbing, and electric), tile coping and deck, and finishing touches. Each of these is vitally important to completing your pool and making sure you don’t experience any issues later on. Let’s walk through each step.

The Excavation

This is as it sounds. It’s the actual digging out of your pool space. This may take one to two days, depending on the size of your pool, but can take longer. This is done with heavy equipment to complete the task as soon and as easily as possible.

The Setup

The setup is done in five main parts.

  1. The structural steel installation
  2. “Stub” plumbing to prep the shell
  3. Gunite
  4. Electrical connections
  5. Full plumbing and equipment installation

Tile, Coping, and Deck

The stone border of the pool (coping) and tile will be installed first. Once this is complete, the decking crews come in and pour concrete or paver decking.

Finishing Touches

Your pool is getting so close now. All that is left is the site cleanup and application of interior finish (plaster). Once that’s done, your pool will be filled, and our professional start-up teams will teach you how to maintain the pool, and most importantly, how to best enjoy it! Building a pool is a major construction project, so please be ready for the inconvenience of keeping children and pets away from the area. Mud is going to seem to be everywhere; please have alternate areas to allow pets (and people) to be outside and away from the construction.

Trust Your Pool Builder

While the builder has likely been building pools for years, you should view this as a collaborative project and your builder should welcome your ideas. You should receive documentation of some sort from the builder that outlines steps in a clear and easy to understand manner but remember you can always ask a question. Your builder should be happy to answer any questions you have, and understand the importance of clear and concise communication.

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