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How to Make Your Chlorine Last through Summer

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In 2020, it was toilet paper. In 2021, it’s chlorine. As a pool owner concerned about the chlorine shortage, your first thought may be that you need to rush to Pool Stop to stock up on chlorine. Don’t panic-buy just yet, though. There are ways to make your chlorine last through summer and beyond, even if you don’t have as much as you think you need.

Test your pool water frequently to figure out which chemicals you need.

The very best way to determine if your pool needs chlorine added to it is by testing your pool water frequently. Pool owners often think that to keep their water clean, all they need to do is add another dose of chlorine. However, that is not always the case, and some pool owners will overuse chlorine.

Keep an at-home water test kit as part of your pool supplies at all times. If you don’t quite understand how to test your water and read the results, bring a bottled sample of your pool water to Pool Stop’s in-store water testing center. Our professional pool staff can test your water for free and figure out exactly what chemicals you need. Instead of chlorine, you may need a pH and alkalinity balancer, calcium hardness reducer, or algaecide.

Utilize chemicals that keep chlorine from overworking.

One of the fastest ways to go through your chlorine stash quickly is by making it work too hard, especially when combating algae. To make it last longer through the summer, utilize other chemicals that maximize your chlorine’s efficiency.

Adding algae prevention chemicals to your routine weekly pool maintenance is your best course of action. Chemical products like BioGuard® Algae Complete, Back Up® 2, or Algae All 60® (for pools with built-in spas) address the problem before it starts. Algae also feed on orthophosphate, so phosphate removers like Pool Juice™ Phosphate Remover from BioGuard keep phosphate levels low.

Along with preventing algae, optimize your overall pool chemicals’ performance with an optimizer like BioGuard Optimizer®. Along with enhancing the feel of the water, it helps maintain a balance between all of your pool chemicals which keeps your water from turning cloudy. And give it a boost against residual sunlight loss with a chlorine stabilizer like BioGuard Stabilizer 100 or Instant Stabilizer 100.

If you aren’t sure of just what additional chemicals you need to maximize your chlorine use, ask our team here at Pool Stop! We’re ready to assist you in any way we can with your pool chemical questions.

Manually clean your pool daily and weekly.

Debris like leaves and dirt contribute to algae blooming and interfere with the chemical balance of your pool water. This makes chlorine kick into overdrive. If you aren’t doing so already, manually cleaning your pool daily and weekly keeps your chlorine from working too hard to keep your pool clean. Skim your pool water daily for surface debris, and be sure to vacuum the interior of your pool weekly with a robotic pool cleaner.

Find a substitute for chlorine tabs or sticks.

If you still find that you need to restock on chlorine, there are chlorine tabs and sticks substitute available. A good option is to switch to liquid chlorine – we have plenty of that in stock here at Pool Stop.

As the largest pool store in Rockwall, Texas and a platinum dealer of BioGuard pool chemicals, Pool Stop is well equipped to assist you through the chlorine shortage. We’re open seven days a week, so we’re here to answer your questions about pool chemicals and care anytime you need us.

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