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Standard Pool Timers

How standard electromechanical pool timers work.

The yellow dial Intermatic timer has been the standard of the industry for decades.  It is a simple timer with on and off tabs that turn the pool pump or poolsweep pump on and off at the set times.

How to set the on and off times on a standard timeclock

  • You just screw the “on” tab on the dial at the point where you want the pump to come on and you screw the “off” tab on the dial at the point where you want the pump to turn off.
  • Make sure you distinguish between the “on” and the “off” tab.  They are different. Also, make sure that you do not over tighten them.  They need to be placed on the dial straight and tightened firmly by hand.

How to set the time of day on a standard timeclock

  • The timer dial has a silver metal arrow that points straight down.  The time of day should correspond to this arrow.  To change the time of day, pull the yellow timer dial out and turn it until the current time is under the arrow.

How to turn on a standard timeclock manually

  • If you want to manually turn on your pump, you can do it by moving the lever that is below the dial.  Just be careful, because if the electrical insulator is not in place, your finger might make contact with the screws directly behind it which carry high voltage.  If the manual lever will not move, it may be that it is too close to a start or stop time tab.  You can move the yellow dial a little bit by pulling it out and turning it a bit, enough to give room to flip the lever.

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