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Most Important Area of Pool Care Maintenance

areal shot of pool in daytime
One of the most important aspects of pool maintenance is ensuring proper water chemistry. All across the board, professionals agree that maintaining the right balance of chemicals and levels in…

How Your Pool Heater Works

Understanding the basic components and operation of a residential pool heater. Pool and spa heaters have changed considerably over the past 30 years.  From the old millivolt heaters, to electronic…

Which backwash valve is best for me?

Rectangle shaped pool
Choosing the Right Backwash Valve. When the time comes to buy a new filter or just replace your old backwash valve, you have a choice to make. What type of…

Common Mistakes in Backwashing DE Filters

dirty DE filter in need of replacement and cleaning
The most common mistakes people make when backwashing a DE filter. There are some common (and not so common) mistakes that people make when trying to backwash their DE filter.…

Common Pool Spa Electronic Control System Issues

pool electronic control installation image
The most common control system problems and solutions Pool control systems are awesome and they are generally very reliable.  But when they stop working, it can be a real headache.…

What Type of Filter Should My Pool Have?

medium pool with infinity ledge spa fire pit
Are you planning a pool build in the near future? Or, maybe you’re in the process of  purchasing a home with a pool. The right pool maintenance is critical, in…

Pool Freeze Protection

installed pool freeze guard image
How freeze protection works in pool control systems. Freeze protection for pools comes in many different forms these days. You still have the old fashioned standalone freeze protectors, but you…