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How to Test Your Salt Cell

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How to know if your salt cell is really working or not. Have you ever stared at your salt cell and asked yourself “Is this thing really working?” Since the…

How to Prime a Swimming Pool Pump

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Tips for getting your swimming pool pump primed If you have ever stood over a pool pump, literally begging it to start pulling water, then you know the frustration that…

How to be a Happy Saltwater Pool Owner

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Critical Information about Saltwater Pool Maintenance. Maintaining a salt water pool is different from maintaining a standard chlorine pool. If you do not understand how to maintain a salt water…

How to Clean a D.E. Filter

dirty DE filter in need of replacement and cleaning
Detailed maintenance procedures for a diatomaceous earth filter. If you have a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter, you have the best filtration available for a residential pool, but there is a…

How to Clean a Cartridge Filter

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Detailed cleaning instructions for a cartridge filter. Cartridge filter maintenance is fairly simple and straightforward. You remove the cartridges and clean them and put them back and restart the filter.…

How to Change Filter Sand

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Detailed maintenance instructions for a sand pool filter. If you are one of those pool owners who has a sand filter, you have the filter that is easiest to maintain…

How to Backwash a Sand Filter

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Detailed instructions for backwashing a sand filter. Backwashing a sand filter is a fairly straightforward thing: Turn off the pump. Empty the skimmer baskets and trap basket before backwashing. Make…

How to Backwash a DE Filter

Detailed instructions for backwashing a DE filter. Your DE filter should be backwashed once per month or whenever the pressure rises to 10 psi above clean pressure. Your clean pressure…

How to Make Your Chlorine Last through Summer

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In 2020, it was toilet paper. In 2021, it’s chlorine. As a pool owner concerned about the chlorine shortage, your first thought may be that you need to rush to…