Why you should consider our Pool Stop Proactive Pool Maintenance Plan.

Peace of Mind
Knowing that your routine equipment maintenance is being done on a regular basis and that your pool and equipment will be carefully inspected every six months (written report included).

Cost Savings
By combining several things into one Proactive maintenance visit, we save you money as compared to doing them on separate visits.

Fewer Untimely Breakdowns
Routine maintenance on your filter, salt cell and backwash valve and routine evaluations of your entire pool will help avoid a large percentage of the breakdowns we see every day.

The Pool Stop Service Difference
We provide more than just a clean, clear swimming pool. We inspect every detail of the pool’s appearance and operation. Our experience and expertise ensures the work is done promptly and professionally every time. It’s what sets us apart and allows our customers to enjoy hassle-free pool ownership.

Proactive Basic
This plan includes your basic filter cleans twice per year and testing the freeze protector in the Fall.

• Clean the filter (parts extra)
• Test the freeze protector (Fall)
• 22 point inspection written report
• Test Lights
• Test Heater
• Adjust run times
• (see details)
The cost for this program is $225/year

Proactive Plus
Here is what we will do on each visit (2x/year) to make sure your pool remains in top working order.

• Clean the filter (parts extra)
• Lube Valves
• Clean the salt cell
• Check the salt system operation
• Test the freeze protector (Fall only)
• Test the lights and GFCI for safety
• Test the heater operation
• Calibrate temperature sensors if required
• Check and reset pump timers
• 22 point inspection written report

The cost for this program is
$325/year – Salt pools
$275/year – Non-Salt pools

Visits are automatically scheduled every 6 months.