How to Choose a Custom Pool Shape That Fits Your Home Style

How to Choose a Custom Pool Shape That Fits Your Home Style

Are your days of hanging out in your backyard pool put on hold because you don’t actually have a pool? Maybe you have the perfect home but you’re not quite sure what the perfect pool looks like.

Believe it or not, there’s one pool shape that goes with almost every home style. Grab your bathing suit because a custom swimming pool might be closer than you think!

In this article, we’ll discuss why geometric pools are the most popular shape and 4 things to consider to make it right for your home.


What is a Geometric-Shaped Pool?

Geometric pools are well-defined shapes with sleek, straight lines and edges — think squares and rectangles, although circle, oval, Roman, and Grecian pools also fall in this category.

The simplicity of the shapes means they compliment traditional-style homes as well as more contemporary ones. And the clean lines make it easy to design custom pools built for both form and function.

Although the shapes are simple, they’re anything but boring. And they never go out of style, making them perfect for almost every home and homeowner.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Shape of Your Pool

1. How Much Room You Have

The size, placement, and shape of your pool are determined by the size and shape of your backyard. Like a free form pool, a geometric pool can mimic the shape of your yard or the layout of your home.

For these homeowners, we were able to build a beautiful modern 13,790-gallon geometric pool with an oversized attached spa.

2. The Style of Your Home

Your home is likely a reflection of your personal style. Why not let those same preferences influence the style of your pool?

These homeowners love clean lines and modern, high-end finishes.

Our solution was to accentuate the straight lines and edges by surrounding their pool and patio with light ivory travertine stones. Then we lined the pool and spa in multi-colored blue tile creating a minimal color palette. 

3. How You’ll Use Your Pool

Do you love open floor plans with designated zones? Do you lounge more than you swim?

Although not a perfect rectangle, this custom pool has straight lines for swimming laps and plenty of open space for pool games.

It also has a large tanning ledge for relaxing or safely playing with pets and small children and multiple swim outs for anyone who likes to rest during pool sports.

4. Any Other Features You’d Like to Add

While you are lounging in your pool, chances are you’d like to enjoy the view outside of it too.

Sticking with the modern, high-end style these homeowners love, we created a minimalist-inspired focal point with a custom water feature and added potted plants just as elegant as their surroundings.

Whether your style leans more traditional or modern, the professional pool builders at Pool Stop are here to help you design the perfect pool for your home.

Start designing your custom swimming pool by booking a free consultation today!