• Is your water bill higher than it has been in the past?
• Suspect that your pool or plumbing maybe leaking?

Find that leak before it causes any major damage to the pool structure or surrounding landscape.
One way to determine if your pool is leaking is to perform a “bucket test”. Fill a 5 gallon bucket with rocks to weight it down to the second step, and then add water to the bucket to match the pool water level.

Have you already done the “Bucket Test” and think you have a leak?
Schedule a leak detection today to identify and repair any leaks in your pool. You’ll save money in the long run by not losing chemicals and water, and probably help your plants as well.

Our basic leak detection includes a full Dye test, pressure test, and visual inspection of the pool structure and plumbing. Repairs are quoted before any work is performed. We use state-of-the-art leak detection equipment to find and fix leaks in a pool. From plumbing fixes to full-scale structural repairs, we can help eliminate leaks.

Call today to schedule a test – we will provide you a full leak detection and complete report on what we found and the best way to fix it.