You’ve decided that it’s finally the right time to start planning the pool you’ve always dreamed about. Congratulations! With a new pool build comes a lot of choices — and you might find yourself asking which swimming pool features are actually worth the extra cost. While some features might need to be installed as you build your pool, some can be added later, as time and budget allow. Let’s talk about which features you’ll want to plan for during the pool build, bearing in mind that many options can be added at a later date.

Here are some fun new pool features that, in our customers’ opinion, are actually worth the extra cost.

Water Features

Nothing is better than the sound of moving water. It helps drown out noise like mowers, cars driving by, and other unwelcome intrusions to your backyard escape. It’s also very relaxing to hear after a long day at work, whether you’re planning on swimming or not. Water soothes us and calms us.

Pool Lighting 

Highlight your gorgeous new pool with Colored LED lighting to really show off its features and beauty, especially in the evening. Combined with the use of glass tile, strategically placed lights can add another level of drama and ambiance to your backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen

In addition to a new swimming pool, you may be considering an outdoor kitchen, as well. Your imagination is the only thing holding you back — beyond the typical Blaze gas grill or Big Green Egg, think refrigerators, sinks, ice makers, and griddles. 

If an outdoor kitchen is an additional feature you’d like included in your pool build, let us know. We can incorporate a custom outdoor kitchen into your pool design.

How to Design the Perfect Pool

Are you looking to build a custom pool in Rockwell, Texas? Contact Pool Stop today for more information on these and other custom swimming pool features. We can help you design a custom pool based on your budget, starting with a free design consultation