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<h2>Concrete Swimming Pools</h2>

Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete in swimming pools has gone from being an uncommon occurrence to the most popular swimming pool construction material. Gunite swimming pools have gained popularity over the years for their aesthetic appeal, customizability, and cost-effectiveness during and after installation.

What Are The Benefits of Using Gunite?

Gunite material has plenty of benefits when it comes to swimming pool build, design, and maintenance. Gunite swimming pools are known for their extreme durability. Gunite is a dry mixed form of sprayed concrete, so the foundations and outer layer of a gunite swimming pool have similar durability to sidewalks, roads, and solid walls, making them highly resistant to damage from elements such as storms and ground shifts. 

Gunite pools are very low maintenance and a cost-effective option when compared to other pool construction materials. This is because as a solid concrete pool, they don’t require the frequent cleaning that a vinyl or fiberglass pool would cause you. A gunite pool’s initial installation will also be more cost-effective compared to vinyl and fiberglass, as it requires less time to install. 

<h2>Why Do We Choose Gunite over Shotcrete?</h2>

Why Do We Choose Gunite over Shotcrete?

To most, the difference between shotcrete and gunite may be miniscule, when in reality it could make or break their swimming pool. One of the main disadvantages of a shotcrete pool is that it is more expensive than gunite. This is because the shotcrete is premixed to avoid mistakes as opposed to gunite, which is dry concrete that mixes at the end of a hose. While the premixed material may prevent mistakes in the build, overall the shotcrete is less resilient than gunite. This is partly because gunite dries faster than shotcrete, creating a smoother surface with fewer cracks and higher resistance to pressure. Shotcrete’s premix benefits also depend on the perfect execution of mixing before the spray. If this mixing is done wrong, the pool build may face multiple problems after installation.

<h2>Why Do We Only Build Concrete Pools?</h2>

Why Do We Only Build Concrete Pools?

Concrete swimming pools offer many customization options and design potential. The only real limit of a gunite pool is imagination. As a concrete mix, it can take just about any shape or form you can imagine, having incredible shapes and features just waiting to be added to the design. On top of that, the variety of pool shapes and sizes that gunite pools can turn into is just as endless. Gunite constructed pools have amazing size versatility, making them the perfect addition to most types of yards.


Gunite Pool Construction With Pool Stop

Gunite swimming pools offer many long-term benefits and immediate results when used in swimming pool construction. These benefits can range from consistent durability to cost efficiency. The only thing left to do is to work with Rockwall’s premier gunite pool builder, Pool Stop Custom Pools! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!