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Believe it or not, there’s a pool shape that will fit any home's style. Grab your bathing suit because a custom swimming pool might be closer than you think!
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The Right Pool Shape For You 

The Right Pool Shape For You 

Deciding to become a pool owner can completely transform your backyard space! But before you take the plunge, deciding on the right shape for your house size and family dynamic is crucial.

Why Pool Shape Matters   

Deciding on a pool shape is arguably the most important step in your pool-building process. But why? Everything from your backyard layout, and family needs, to your personal style, has an impact on what pool shape you select. If you're looking to use your pool for aquatic exercises like swimming laps, or water aerobics, the Straight Line pool is the way to go. If you're looking for a family-friendly pool with a shallow end and safe round edges, a kidney pool might be the option for you. Every home and family is unique, and so are pool shapes! Regardless of your requirements, Pool Stop provides a diverse selection of pool shapes for every budget.
Customize Your Pool Shape   

Customize Your Pool Shape   

Have an idea beyond a classic pool shape? No problem! Pool Stop can customize any pool shape for any size backyard. Pool Stop uses scalability to ensure that your preferred shape complements your outdoor space. You can also customize your pool by adding fire or water features, a built-in spa, and even an outdoor kitchen.

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