We get many questions about our swimming pool construction services. Here, you can find commonly asked questions and answers. As always, if you have any additional questions or concerns, we would love to hear from you!
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Usually, most pools can be finished within 8-12 weeks from excavation day, but weather and complexity will affect this date

There are only a few specific days we will need you onsite.

It is a major construction project with many skilled tradespeople on site.

We can help provide ideas, but generally most shapes are adaptable to almost any backyard.

It depends on what fits your needs best- while an Olympic-sized pool may not fit, we can scale a pool down to fit in most spaces.

It will, though the best reasons for getting one don’t take that into the decision.

Prices vary from roughly $60,000 to infinity. Much like a home, it varies based on size, options, complexity, etc.

Yes. We offer a better warranty than any other builder in Texas.

We pride ourselves on doing the small things that make pool maintenance as simple and easy as possible – but that is a personal decision.

We also have extensive tips, how-to’s, and other articles in our Pool School to help you maintain your pool yourself.

Usually keeping the filter and pump in top condition as well as running long enough, followed closely by maintaining your chemicals regularly.

Generally, this is caused by stagnant water or lack of chemical maintenance.

The first step is to determine why it appeared and correct the issue – then usually a simple shock dose of chlorine, brushing the pool, and a filter clean will take care of it.

At least weekly. More if there is a large party or weather issue.

You can test your freeze guard, ensure that the water is kept at the right level, and make sure your baskets and filter are kept clean to ensure good water flow through the system.

Yes it does, but it also offers year-round use of your investment.