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Building An Inground Pool in Dallas

Imagine having your own personal oasis in your backyard! Building an inground swimming pool can add a beautiful touch to your outdoor space and elevate your yard tremendously. Pool Stop is a trusted business that has been building custom swimming pools for over 20 years. Our pride and joy is working closely with our customers to bring their dream pools to life. With our service, you can customize every detail of your pool – from water and fire features to design elements and pool lighting. Our goal is to bring your personalized paradise to your backyard, and we are proud to accomplish that for our customers in a timely manner.

Benefits of Inground Swimming Pools

Having an inground swimming pool in your yard can reap many benefits! Some of these include:

  • An increase in property value. With the Texas heat, new homeowners may be looking for an inground swimming pool, especially if they have a family. The best part is you can ensure that your pool is one-of-a-kind by choosing between customizable features!
  • A source of exercise and health benefits. Swimming brings along many health benefits overall, including both physical and mental stress relief. It’s a great way to get your body moving and is a great activity for people of all ages. 
  • A cost-effective way to entertain. Having friends and family over to swim not only is fun for everyone but also a great way to spend more time with them while staying home. 
  • It is entirely customizable! Aside from choosing features for the pool, you have the ability to choose a classic pool shape or create your own. Visit our “Custom Pools” page to learn more. 
<h2>Cost to Construct an Inground Dallas Pool</h2>

Cost to Construct an Inground Dallas Pool

When it comes to an inground swimming pool, the cost will be determined by a variety of factors such as its shape, size, and features. If you want to add a spa to your pool, this will also affect the pricing. During the design process with our team, we will discuss your budget and work to create a pool that fulfills your dreams while staying within your financial means. Additionally, we offer financing options if you prefer to pay in installments, ensuring that you can include all the features you desire without worrying about budget restrictions.

Process of Building a DFW Swimming Pool

Designing your pool can be done in as short as 90 minutes! Our pool design team will work with you every step of the way to ensure the pool will be exactly how you envision it. Once your design is complete, we’ll help guide you to apply for the necessary permits, which typically take between two to six weeks. This is a great time to apply and look into your financing options if you are looking for assistance with paying for your pool. After that, we’ll begin to construct your pool, which can be ready for swimming in just six to eight weeks from excavation. It’s also worth noting that we have a record of finishing our projects early, so you may be able to dive in earlier than you expected!

Contact Pool Stop To Begin Your Inground Pool Build

To learn more about the process of building a pool, visit our “What to Expect” page. You can also browse through our gallery of luxury pools that we have built in the DFW area for inspiration. We look forward to seeing your pool designs and sharing our expertise with you. Your backyard oasis is just one click away, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!