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12 Volt Pool Lights (Standard Niche)

Low voltage pool lighting.

We don’t see a lot of 12 volt pool lighting in Texas, but it is actually mandatory in some states. It does offer some advantages over 120 volt lighting.  In this article, we discuss the basic components and advantages of low voltage pool lighting.

Components of 12 Volt Pool Lighting

These low voltage lights are very similar to other types of pool lights in the fact that they have a bulb and gasket and overheat sensor.

They are different in the fact that they require a 12 volt power supply that is specifically rated for swimming pool lights. The Intermatic PX100 and PX300 are designed for this purpose.

These light fixtures also have much bigger cords. They operate at lower voltage which requires higher amperage to produce the same amount of light as the 120 volt lights.

Grounding and Bonding:
Check NEC regulations as well as local ordinances regarding grounding, bonding and GFCI protection.

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