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Learn from the Pros

Learn from the Pros

Most new pool owners are overwhelmed by the advice and “training” they received from their pool builder or the previous owners of the home. We're here to help provide proper insight on how you can fix problems and maintain your pool.
Common Mistakes in Backwashing DE Filters
dirty DE filter in need of replacement and cleaning
The most common mistakes people make when backwashing a DE filter. There are some common (and not so common) mistakes that people make when trying to backwash their DE filter.…
What Type of Filter Should My Pool Have?
medium pool with infinity ledge spa fire pit
Are you planning a pool build in the near future? Or, maybe you’re in the process of  purchasing a home with a pool. The right pool maintenance is critical, in…
Pool Freeze Protection
installed pool freeze guard image
How freeze protection works in pool control systems. Freeze protection for pools comes in many different forms these days. You still have the old fashioned standalone freeze protectors, but you…
How Electronic Pool/Spa Control Systems Work
pool electronic control installation image
The basics of electronic pool spa control systems. Electronic control systems have come a long way in the past thirty years, from basic pool/spa controls to complete web-enabled systems with…
Freezing Weather Precautions
pool install freeze guard
How to protect your pool equipment in freezing weather. Freezing weather can be especially hard on pool equipment, but with the proper precautions, you can rest assured that your equipment…
Water Feature Pumps
pool installation zodiac polaris pump booster
This covers the water feature pumps that we offer for our customers. Why do I need a water feature pump? Aren’t all pumps alike? You might be wondering why we…
My Pump Has No Flow
Pool Stop Logo 2
Help for the hapless soul whose pump is not moving any water. If your pool pump is turned on, but is not moving any water, it is important to figure…