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GloBrite Color LED Owners Manual

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Globrite® Color Changing Underwater Led Light for Pool And Spa Installation and User’s Guide.

The Globrite® led light and plastic niche form a complete nonmetallic low voltage lighting system. This configuration does not require bonding or grounding when powered by a listed 100 watt or 300 watt transformer (listed on page 19) and installed in compliance with the current national electric code (nec).

UNBONDED LIGHTING NEC PROVISIONS: When the UL listed non-metallic GloBrite LED Light low voltage lights are used with the GloBrite light approved niches (as listed on page 19), the current NEC provides an exception to
luminaire bonding and grounding in Article 680.6 and 680.23

POOL WATER BONDING NEC PROVISIONS : For Pool Water Bonding required by
NEC Article 680.26C, concrete pools are considered conductive (refer to 680.26
(b)(1) due to the porosity of concrete and the bonding of rebar. No additional
bonding is required.


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