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Inline Chlorinator Maintenance Instructions

How to use and maintain your inline chlorinator.

The use and maintenance of an inline chlorinator is not really that difficult, but there are some things that you need to remember to make sure that it operates dependably. This article gives you some operational tips for using an inline chlorinator.

Add tablets to the chlorinator as needed.

Usually this needs to be done once per week. Always turn off the pump before opening the chlorinator. Don’t stand right over the chlorinator because if the unit is plugged up, it can build up dangerous levels of chlorine gas inside and you do not want to inhale that. Add enough tablets to get you to the next week.

Check the o-ring in the chlorinator lid.

This o-ring often will break down due to the strong chlorine.  If it is the least bit hard or cracked or is leaving black marks on your hands, it is time to replace it. Realistically, it is not a bad idea to replace it every six months. You can lube the o-ring, but use ONLY the lubricant that comes with the chlorinator. If you use Magic-Lube or any other pool lube, it will turn to goo on the chlorinator and will make it hard to get the lid off the unit.

Burp the chlorinator.

Chlorine tablets do not dissolve in air, therefore you need to get all the air out of the chlorinator after you put the lid back on. The best way is to turn the system on and open the lid slightly, enough to let air escape. When it starts to spurt water, then tighten the lid back down. Make sure nobody is standing where they might get this water on them.

Test the Control Valve.

If the valve will not fully open and fully close, then there is probably some debris or residue stuck in it and it needs to be replaced because it will not allow the full flow of water through the unit and the chlorine feed will be reduced.

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