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LED Pool Lighting (Standard Niche)

LED pool lighting that is designed to replace standard pool lights.

Standard LED pool lighting has become a favorite in the industry. It is more expensive, but offers a variety of lighting colors and light shows. These are designed to be able to fit in most standard light niches.

Features of LED Pool Lights (standard niche)

These lights use the same enclosures as standard pool lights. On the outside, they look the same, but inside they are quite different. They have a power supply (transformer) and a circuit board as well as an array of multi-color LED’s).

These come in sizes to fit full size pool light niches as well as smaller spa light niches.

These lights come in white lights or multi-color lights.  They are very energy efficient, saving about 85% in energy costs.  LED’s also last a lot longer than standard incandescent or halogen bulbs.
NO Dimmers on LED Lights

If you have an LED light, do not make the mistake of putting it on a dimmer. This will blow out the LED light immediately and the light will be ruined.

Controlling LED Pool Lights

There are three ways to control these LED pool lights.

  • Electronic Control Systems – most major brands of LED pool lights can be controlled by electronic control systems. This is far easier than all the other ways, but it is important to be sure that your LED light and your electronic control system are compatible.
  • Stand-Alone Controller – only one manufacturer (Pentair) makes a stand-alone controller for their LED pool light.
  • On-Off Method – LED pool lights can be controlled by switching the light switch on and off multiple times. Each time you switch the light switch off and back on, it moves to the next light color or light show in the sequence. Needless to say, it is a very impractical method, and it does not work well with web based control systems because of signal lag.

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