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Pool Filter Maintenance

DE sand and cartridge filters retail image

Here is the recommended maintenance schedule for your filter.

Of all the pool equipment, the pool filter is the one component that requires the most attention. This section is designed to provide a basic overview of the maintenance requirements of each type of filter. For more detailed information, you can click on the links in each section.

Cartridge Filters

Every 6 Months – disassemble the filter and thoroughly clean the cartridges with a strong stream of water. Don’t use a pressure washer, but it is a good idea to get a good adjustable brass nozzle for this purpose.

If the filter pressure rises 10 psi above the clean filter pressure, then it is time to clean the filter. Usually you can go 6 months between filter cleanings, but sometimes not, depending on the level of debris that goes into the pool.

If your pool turns green, the waterborn algae will coat the cartridges with a coating of green slime and the cartridges will need to be cleaned, regardless of how recently you may have just cleaned the filter.

DE Filters

Monthly – Backwash and recharge the filter every month or sooner if the filter pressure rises to 10 psi above normal. See the DE Filter Maintenance section for the procedures for backwashing and recharging DE Filters.

Every 6 Months – completely disassemble and clean the internal grid assembly. Inspect for wear and tear and reassemble and put the filter back together. Recharge the filter with DE and check for leaks.

Sand Filters

Weekly – Backwash the filter whenever the filter pressure rises to 8 psi above normal.

Every 2-5 Years – remove all the sand, inspect the internal components in the filter and add new sand to the filter

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