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Pool Heater Owner’s Manual-Legacy 400K BTU

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User Manual for Jandy® Legacy™ Pool and Spa Heater by Zodiac.

Includes parts view.

This manual provides installation and operation instructions for the Legacy Model LRZ millivolt pool and spa heater. Read these installation and operation instructions completely before proceeding with the installation. Consult Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc., or local factory representative, with any questions regarding this equipment. Certain sections of this manual are specific to either United States or Canadian installations, and are labeled as such.

The Legacy model LRZ millivolt heater is a self contained standing pilot unit and requires no external power. The Legacy heater is specifically designed for heating fresh water swimming pools and spas, and with proper installation and care, they will provide years of reliable service. Do not use the heater to maintain pool or spa water temperature below 70°F. Do not use it as a heating boiler or general service water heater or to heat salt water. Consult your dealer for the appropriate Jandy products for these applications

Legacy Heater

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