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Upgrading from Fiber Optic to LED Lighting (1.5″ Fitting)

How to upgrade your old fiber optic lighting to much brighter LED lighting.

If you are ready to upgrade your old fiber optic pool lighting to newer (and much brighter) LED retrofit lighting, SAVI lighting (a division of Jandy/Zodiac) offers the best upgrade options in the industry.

Here is the approach that we take in replacing your old fiber optic lights with new, bright LED lights.

  • How much does it cost to convert my pool from fiber optic to LED lights?
  • The average conversion is about $1500 for two 14W lights including a 100W power center.
  • It is a major upgrade, but one that you and your family will enjoy for many years.
  • By comparison, if you had a pool with two standard niche lights and wanted to convert to LED color lights, the cost would be about $1800.


  • We need to make sure that the old light fiber optic cables will pull through the line.
  • We also leave a string in the conduit to help us guide your new light in.
  • We need to see how much straight pipe is behind the fitting.  The brightest light (28w) requires 14″ of clearance behind the fitting.


SAVI lighting offers the best retrofit options. We will help you to determine what is your best option for your pool.

  • Buddy Lights – 5 watt (flush mount)
  • Mini-Melody – 5 watts (4.25″ clearance)
  • Melody – 14 watts (10″ clearance)
  • Melody SOL – 28 watts (14″ clearance)


  • We pull in the new lights and secure them in the wall
  • We install the new power supply (PX100 or PX300)
  • We connect the lights to the power supply


  • We connect the power supply to your control system.
  • We program your control system to be able to communicate with your lights.

Having problems with your pool lights? Contact Pool Stop today to ask questions. Our team of experienced, licensed professionals are available to help you with expert advice, repairs, and installation.

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