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Can I Control A Variable Speed Pump On My Old System (YES!!)

Using your old control system to control the speeds on your variable speed pump.

Sometimes people are deterred from buying a variable speed pump because they don’t think it will work with their control system. Good news!! Whether you have a simple timeclock or an older electronic control system, we can set up your system to control the speeds on your new Jandy Flo Pro 2.0 variable speed pump.When you invest in a variable speed pump for your pool, you expect to get that money back in energy savings typically in 12-18 months . . . BUT . . . a large part of your energy savings comes from being able to control the various speeds on the pump.

The newest electronic pool spa systems control the speeds via a RS-485 serial communication wire and they can do it because the software in those systems is programmed to directly control those variable speed pumps.

What if you have an older incompatible control system, or perhaps you only have a simple dual timeclock?

Using the control features that are exclusive to the Jandy Flo Pro VS 2.0 pump, we are able to use virtually any system to control the speeds on your pump.


    • If you have a dual timeclock that controls your pool pump and your poolsweep pump, we can wire it so that when your pool pump is on, it runs at a lower circulation speed and when your poolsweep kicks on for two hours or so, it will run at a higher speed, a “cleaning cycle” as we call it.

Here is how those settings might work:

Normal circulation – 1750 RPM – 400 watts (approx.)

Cleaning cycle – 2250 rpm – 600 watts (approx.)

This saves you a LOT on your energy bills, and gives you the versatility to automatically ramp up the speed during your cleaning cycle.  We can set those speeds to whatever best suits your pool.  The speeds are totally adjustable.

In addition, you can always go to the Flo Pro VS outdoor control panel and change the speed manually at the push of a button.

One of the best parts is that you don’t have to learn any fancy programming.  Your new pump responds to the times you have set with the tabs on your dual timer.

This is ONLY available with the Jandy Flo Pro VS 2.0 pump and Pool Stop is the only company that is offering this type of integration that we are aware of.


    If you have any older control system (Older AquaLink, Compool, Hayward, TimeMaster, Polaris SOL) that does not directly control variable speed pumps via a RS-485 serial communication wire, we can still integrate your new Jandy Flo Pro VS 2.0 pump with your system.

Here is how it might work:

Normal Circulation – 1750 RPM – approx 400 watts

Cleaner Mode – 2250 RPM – approx 600 watts

Spa Mode – 3250 RPM – approx 2000 wattsWhen your system triggers on the filter pump or cleaner or spa, your Jandy Flo Pro 2.0 VS pump would automatically go to the corresponding speed.

PLUS . . . if you have any auxiliary circuits that are not being used, we can program one of them to simply turn the pump to a higher speed.

There are several great things about this setup:

You do not have to purchase a new control system

  • to take full advantage of all the features and savings of a variable speed pump.  You can have it with your existing system and then upgrade your control system at a later date when you feel it is necessary.

You do not have to learn any fancy programming.  We tie your VS pump to your existing system and it responds to the programming in that system.

You get a simple outdoor control panel by the pump that allows you to manually change the speed at the push of a button if you so desire.

You can’t get this from just any pump and you can’t get this from just any pool service company.  This is an exclusive feature of the Jandy Flo Pro VS 2.0 pump and this type of integration is only offered by the the professionals at Pool Stop.

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