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Why You Should Invest in a Pool Heater

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It’s fall and heading into winter. Do you wish you could be swimming in your pool? Having a pool heater can be advantageous to your health, well-being, and even your wallet. Here are some fantastic reasons you should invest in a pool heater this year!

Extend Your Swimming Season

As soon as summer ends and the nights turn chilly, your pool’s temperature begins to drop. One way to continue swimming longer is to invest in a pool heater. Heating your pool gives you the option to swim late into the fall and early in the spring.

Don’t Fret – Heating Costs Won’t Break Your Wallet

Are you worried that pooling heating costs will be too expensive? That is a valid concern; however, you can find energy-efficient options to keep costs on the low end from solar, High efficiency heat pumps, as well as gas heaters.

Don’t Waste a Good Investment

A swimming pool is a big investment in time and money, so shouldn’t you take advantage of your pool as much as you can? Adding a pool heater allows you to use your pool more and optimize the investment you’ve made. Putting in a pool heating system can also increase your home’s value, and buyers are more likely to purchase a property with a pool they can use throughout the year rather than just in the summer months.

Re-energize Your Workout and Lifestyle

Installing a pool heater offers you additional fitness options, even in the “off months”. Swimming is one of the best exercises for you, and it’s also low impact and gentle for those with injuries and joint issues. You can do many workout options in your pool, from swimming laps, water aerobics, jogging in the water, and more.

Need some guidance on a pool heating system? Get in touch with Pool Stop and we will provide some insight and information to help you make the right heater choice for your pool!

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